Selected presentations and papers

Beyond Rio: Earth Charter Iowa, A Community Forum on the Environment Lecture - "Greenbelts: A Bioregional Application to the Global Environment' Des Moines, Iowa (Drake University), February 20, 1993.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Third Annual Regional Wetlands Conference Lecture - "Raccoon River Watershed Management Plan" Kansas City, Missouri, January 11-12, 1994.

International Symposium on Society and Resource Management Paper - "Trail Management and University Research: The Process and Benefits of Collaboration" Fort Collins, Colorado, June 7-10, 1994.

Soil and Water Conservation Society 49th Annual Meeting and International Expo Lecture - "Developing a Sustainable Watershed Community: The Raccoon River Watershed Project and the Process of Collaboration" Norfolk, Virginia, August 7-10, 1994.

County Zoning Officials Organization State Conference Lecture - "Greenbelt Management Plan, Watersheds, and Critical area Zoning " Des Moines, Iowa, October 11, 1994.

Greenways Conference: Rivers, Roads, and Trails Lecture - "Greenways and Their Relationship to the Raccoon River Valley Trail" Ames, Iowa, November 4, 1994.

Iowa Parks Association - Park Development and Improvement Conference Lecture - "Restoration and Ecology in Park Planning and Development" Mason City, Iowa, November 7, 1994.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Regional Wetlands Conference Paper - "Iowa Wetland and Riparian Area Plan" (Iowa Session) Kansas City, Missouri, January 1995.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design - Overview Lecture Series Lecture - Design of a "Watershed" Cambridge, Massachusetts. November 1995

National Soil and Water Conservation Society 50th Annual Meeting and International Expo Lecture - "Watersheds, Ecological Design and Management" Des Moines, Iowa, August 6-9, 1995

Harvard University Graduate School of Design - Lecture Series Lecture - "Ecology and Design" Cambridge, Massachusetts. March 1996.

I'École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage Lecture - "Ecology of the Commons" Versailles, France. May 21, 1996.

Loess Hills Seminar - Program Leader Iowa State University, College of Design Ames, Iowa, January 17 - 18, 2000 Loess Hills Seminar, Iowa State University Extension Lecture - "Role of ISU Extension in the Loess Hills Extension" Ames, Iowa, January 17, 2000.

Loess Hills Seminar, Iowa State University Extension Lecture - "Planning Concepts and Theory Applied in the Loess Hills" (Place, Landscape Systems, Protected Landscapes, Parks and Regional Parks) Ames, Iowa, January 18, 2000.

Land Grant University Consortium - Directed Planning Meeting and Seminar for the Great Plains Regional Environmental Initiative Iowa State University, Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, and South Dakota State University Omaha, Nebraska, November 7, 2000.

National French Regional Natural Park Meeting Panel (group) - "Finding Regional Parks in Significant Sites, Greenways, and Cultural Landscapes " Parc de Balloon Alsace, France October 16, 2000.

Iowa State University, Landscape Architecture - Noon Lecture Series Lecture - "Inside Physical and Phenomenal Places of Scale" (Great Plains, European Regional Parks, National River Restoration, Peri-Urban Agriculture, Life on the Terminal Moraine) Ames, Iowa, January 15, 2001.

Iowa Planning Association - State meeting Lecture - "Return of mined and industrial landscapes to the environment" Pella, Iowa, November 7-9, 2001

Iowa State Association of County Conservation Boards (IACCB) Lecture - Land Use and Land Protection Measures Case studies of Iowa and European Landscape Protection Programs Cerro Gordo County, March 9, 2002.

Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) Paper - "Inside Physical and Phenomenal Places of Scale - Life on the Terminal Moraine" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 22-26, 2002.

Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) presentation "Landscape on Your Plate" Syracuse, New York. September 25-28, 2002

Edinburgh College of Art, Ph.D. Seminar "Sustaining Local Identity in a Regional System" Edinburgh, Scotland. November 14, 2002