Statement of research intention,
Approach to planning and design, and Teaching objectives

My scholarly and professional interests include landscape theory, resource management and sustainable planning and design in protected landscapes; social and ecological patterns and design forms in landscape systems; and community and regional environmental policy, planning, and design.

My concept and application of landscape planning, design, and architecture relate socio-cultural and bio-physical elements in physical and phenomenal places, at scales we perceive and work in, and that extend in vertical and horizontal dimensions. My intention is to interpret physical, ecological, and social relationships that people construct in a place and develop a better understanding of the dynamic of places where people choose to dwell.

My research objectives are to study, interpret, and compare the rural and urban contexts of local place and identity relationships in a regional system. My approach has been to develop case study investigations through protected landscapes in Western Europe and translate these observations as applications to protected/designated sites in the United States and United Kingdom. At this point I have worked primarily in France, Scotland, and United States with a colleague studying England's protected landscapes.

Selected presentations and papers